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Edmund’s fav book: My Life in Dog Years

April 16, 2011

Day 6: March 24, 2011
Some Marley behavior today.

From his bay window command center, Edmund got really upset watching the dog up the street play with neighbor kids. When I scolded him for barking, he grabbed my glove from a satchel and took off like a streak.

I thought he’d be upset by the noise when I cut Jeff’s hair with the Flowbee, a noisy clipping apparatus attached to the vacuum cleaner, and then trimmed the edges with the regular clippers. But he seemed to enjoy calmly snooping around the floor near the chair. “After all, he’s used to going to the groomer’s…” I started to say. “Hey, where’s the hair on the floor!!?” Edmund had eaten it. (There wasn’t much. Most was vacuumed up in the Flowbee.)

Day 7: March 25

We and Edmund traveled two hours to Iowa to see some family members who were visiting there. They oohed appropriately over the addition to our family. On the way down and back, we three listened to an audiobook Jeff had picked up from the library, one he thought I might like: My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. I was suspicious about his choice of books. Is he trying to make me into one of those, you know… dog lovers? (I’ve been known to prefer things with motors that turn off and on.) “Oh, no, I just knew you admired Gary Paulsen’s writing,” he said sweetly.

All Gary’s stories about his funny and naughty dogs made me start thinking nostalgically about dogs I knew or had growing up—Duke, Joe, Cookie and Candy, Lady…. “Close your ears, Edmund,” I said. “All these naughty dogs Gary is talking about got… um… lots of negative reinforcement for misbehaving like that, right Jeff?”

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  1. Beverly Stamper permalink
    April 19, 2011 2:57 am

    Keep them coming!

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