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Tomato mystery… solved!

September 15, 2012
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Me? Eating beans?

Some wild animal was sampling our tomatoes. Or so it seemed. Let’s just say little chunks were missing from our tomatoes. Who was the vegan? A rabbit? A raccoon? Surely not the deer that broke some raspberry branches…. The holey tomatoes were indeed a mystery.

Then one day Jeff’s furry faced friend sauntered in the sliding door, looking guilty and smelling like TOMATO! I wiped his beard. Tomato juice! To test the theory, I sliced a tomato and bent to place it on a plate on the floor. Zip! It disappeared before I really saw it hit the plate. The multi-talented furry faced one was a magician as well as a thief.

Don’t tell Jeff that some people think tomatoes are poisonous to dogs. Poor Edmund already got peroxide squirted down his throat recently after he vacuumed up something I dropped from the refrigerator, which I thought was a piece of avocado. Well, we now know the peroxide treatment works within five minutes.

Maybe Edmund takes after his two-legged brother of sorts, who loves every fruit and vegetable–the more exotic and expensive, the better. He (Edmund) loves going to the garden with me and swiping a green bean. He loves picking raspberries right off the bushes. Cooked green beans? Yes! A bit of banana or a blueberry? He’ll even do “Down” and “Stay” for those.

Having a fruit and veggy loving pet brings back memories of childhood pets. We had a cat who loved lemonade and corn on the cob. Lucky Cat was an orderly eater of corn on the cob. He’d eat straight across, then rotate the ear with a quick twist of his right front “wrist,” rather like he was dealing with a manual typewriter; then he’d eat straight across again. Some of our farm dogs liked to go blackberry picking with us and would eat blackberries right off the bushes.

I haven’t caught that furry faced rascal eating any tomatoes right in the garden. And when I caught him in this photo, he claimed he had NOT eaten any beans. But the little green thing sticking to his whiskers tells another story. Some people give their dogs vitamins. We just let ours steal a few veggies.

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  1. September 18, 2012 2:04 am

    What a cutie!

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