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Munching on Girl Scout cookies

March 7, 2013

gscookiesI always thought Girl Scout cookies were like strawberries right out of the patch. You can’t improve on them–so don’t try. Just savor the perfection. Eat them quick, just as they are. Then today, while munching on some mint GS cookies, I saw some recipes that use Girl Scout cookies.

One recipe involves using lemony cookies to coat fish. Ooookay. A stuffing recipe calls for Dulce de Leche cookies along with the celery and onions. Right! Then there’s the recipe for milk shakes with cookies crumbs stirred in. Cookie pizza? Mint cookie popcorn? Yes, please.

I considered trying a recipe. For about 10 seconds. Then I noticed I’d just inhaled another box of cookies. By myself. And felt a little spacey. Needed a nap. They sure don’t put many cookies in a box any more.gscookies

So I saved a lot of time. Just served cookies right out of the box tonight for supper. My family was none the wiser. My son has always liked my “Life is short. Eat dessert first” philosophy. This cookies for supper idea was even better. Green stuff? Who needs it? Protein? Who cares!

How do we end up with so many Girl Scout cookies in this house? I buy some from a cute little girl at my door. Hubby buys some from a (cute little?) mom or two at work. Then the neighbor girl shows up at the door. Wouldn’t want to offend HER! Then another little friend is selling cookies…. You get the picture. We apparently aren’t the only characters with this problem. Even Blondie and Dagwood had the same problem in a comic strip last week.

A few days ago, I tried to eat up all the Girl Scout cookies in the house so they wouldn’t tempt us any more. (Hubby is little puzzled by this logic. But it is, I figure, better to give the blood sugar levels one big blast than to prolong the problems day after day.) Then in walks Hubby with another armload.gscookies

So I hid that batch of boxes from everybody. When I wanted to find them, I couldn’t. I looked on top of the fridge and behind the cracker boxes… even in the oven and behind the fridge and in my food storage area downstairs. I decided I must have eaten them all on automatic pilot. They showed up behind the cereal boxes this morning.

Okay, so now I’m having an early midnight snack. The new lemony ones, if you must know. And musing about whether there is some way the government and the Girl Scouts could work together to solve some fiscal problems. Maybe with really good, overpriced cookies with names like Tax Bites and Shortfalls sold by cute little girls year round. Plus the politicians could learn about some of that money management and ethics touted on the GS cookie box. Yes, my blood sugar may be a little high. Thank you berry munch.




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  1. Judy Kallestad permalink
    March 8, 2013 2:43 pm

    Great! I love it!!

  2. McNeely, Tessie B permalink
    March 11, 2013 2:08 am

    Great piece! So appropriate as I am trying to unload the last few dozen boxes of our troop’s cookies. So glad when this is over each year!


    Tessie McNeely PhD
    Merck, Biologics Analytical

  3. March 11, 2013 5:55 am

    Tessie, stop by and I’ll buy a few boxes and hide them from myself. You have a little scout? BTW, did you know your company name and phone number are showing up in your comments? I love having a prestigious person responding to my posts, of course. And if your name is Googled, comments about lous and Scout cookies make you quite down to earth…. I’d hire you.

  4. Linda Eggleston permalink
    April 18, 2013 12:32 pm

    Hi Julie! This is really funny. You write great humor pieces! Thanks for sharing! It was also nice meeting you today at the writing festival. Thanks for introducing yourself!

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