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A new use for irons

July 29, 2013

ironingWe have jokes about irons at our house. Yes, irons. Those antique things that some old-fashioned people use to press wrinkles, real and imagined, out of clothes. (Spoiler: Read to the end to see a new, improved use for irons.)

One joke is that our son brought this thing to me once and asked, “Mom, what is this funny looking thing?” I wasn’t sure what the politically correct response to this question was, but I did my best to explain the use of this torture device without mentioning the Women’s Liberation movement or the fact that God allowed perma press to be invented for a reason.

“Son, that is called an iron,” I explained carefully. “People used to heat them up and run them over their wrinkles.” Son studied my aging face, and I quickly explained where irons were used, as best as I could remember.

Hubby and I joke that in our marriage contract, I agreed to iron his shirts only for funerals, job interviews and weddings. When we attended our friends’ wedding, just as the “I do”s commenced, Son, then 11, leaned over and asked in a stage whisper: “Is this where you said the part about the iron?” This is a true story.

My brother-in-law Arnold collects antique irons. Maybe he’d like mine. I’m kinda scared to plug it in.

Today I finally found a good use for an iron. (See the video.) So… lifting an iron is great exercise. Almost as good as racing down the basement steps to yank the perma press and cotton clothes out of the dryer and jerk them onto hangers before the dryer buzzer goes off or the wrinkles settle in. More research needs to be done, but I hypothesize that iron lifting also helps stave off Alzheimer’s.

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  1. July 29, 2013 11:54 am

    Could it be that I need to dig out that iron and get to work?

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