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Make a dog cake without using tools

December 6, 2013

P1020214I keep meaning to take a class in real cake decorating. In the meantime, I decorate cakes without using any decorating tools. I just add some extra powdered sugar to colored icing to create an icing clay for shaping flowers and other objects. And I pipe on words and plant stems with a sandwich bag.

My younger sister and I decorated our first cake sans tools when we were a teen and tween. We saw a cake in a women’s magazine that had wild roses and violets made by creating an icing clay. The leaves, stems and lettering were added by putting colored icing in a sandwich bag and snipping off the corner to do the piping. We made a cake just like the one in the magazine for Mom. And I’ve been using the same techniques ever since.

My latest cake was a dog face cake made as a surprise for my sister-in-law, Annie, who is a dog groomer. I iced and decorated it Thanksgiving morning while cooking the turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, etc. In other words, I made it fast!

The icing was colored brown with cocoa powder. The ears were piped on and then flattened with a knife. The collar, tongue and hat were made from Lifesavers.

Annie, whose birthday had just passed, was surprised and pleased. So were her grandkids, ages one and five. What’s more fun than a dog cake?

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, especially the anti-cat guy whose birthday is coming up, but I think I could adapt this cake and make a cat cake by making pointy ears and adding whiskers.

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  1. RICHARD / dONNA bRENNAN permalink
    April 30, 2014 9:25 am

    Hello, we enjoy your writing. I laughed aloud reading about your survival gear.Hope to see an item or two in Star-Trib. If not, I’ll have to buy your book(s)- Have a sunny spring (if it happens)

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