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Play and visits–too important to skip

April 3, 2015

We human folks are supposed to play a bit. And we’re supposed to reach out to others. It energizes us and gives our lives meaning.

A past centerpiece....

A past centerpiece….

This week’s to-do list is long. A big project had a deadline today. We’re hosting a meeting here this weekend. Plus family is coming for Easter dinner. (Um, yes, back-to-back company means just one house cleaning, not two.) There’s grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, yada, yada. Plus I’m still jetlagged from being up all night last Sunday with some gaggy superbug.

So I thought I’d skip making a centerpiece. And I’d just send a card instead of visiting my elderly friend. But something didn’t feel right. And I was draaaaaaaging.

Then my heart beat a little faster when I saw the inexpensive potted plants at Trader Joe’s. Wouldn’t it be fun to plant a few of those tulips and mini daffodils in a pot or basket, dye a few eggs and make a centerpiece? Ooh. Natural jelly beans. Cool….

Before I knew it, my brain was singing, trying to figure out a centerpiece. And I was deciding I had time to visit my elderly friend if I skipped cleaning a certain room (again). And suddenly my to-do list seemed quite happy and doable… an honor, really, instead of a list of chores…. (But, yes, guys, some of these chores still have your name on them. Find your own happy brain sauce….)

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  1. April 3, 2015 1:44 pm

    A fun post!

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