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Barely used nasal endoscope for FEES or videostroboscopy… bargain price


Know anyone interested in a virtually new nasal endoscope unit that’s priced to sell as used equipment? We bought this ATMOS® equipment in 2016 to do mobile FEES, then had a change of life plans.

The flexible ATMOS Scope includes an LED light source, camera and microphone. Proprietary ATMOS software provides video on a Dell XPS 18 tablet computer (included) to do nasoendoscopy. The included ATMOS strobe 21 LED lightsource allows the same scope to do silent videostroboscopy. All of this is housed in a handsome wheeled metal carry case designed especially for the traveling SLP.

The scope and computer were used less than 15 times; the strobe was never used; all have some warranty remaining. This virtually new scope and new strobe unit is priced to sell at 28% less than the ATMOS “new” price.

We are extremely impressed with this equipment. The scope is superior to other scopes in terms of ergonomics–it’s lighter weight and easier to control. The video and still images are sharper than the competition’s because of the newer technology.

For an entire mobile FEES setup, we would also sell an HP OfficeJet 100 mobile printer, a tailor-made portable cart and Ruhof “The Mini” endozime sponges.

You can see the endoscope on the ATMOS website here

Feel free to pass info along via email or post the following on social media:

Need endoscope unit for FEES or videostroboscopy? Barely used Great price. SLP closing shop.


Thank you,


Jeffrey J. Evans, CCC-SLP

Bloomington, MN

Phone: 952-888-7699


This very gently used ATMOS Scope nasal endoscope and new ATMOS strobe 21 LED unit is an excellent deal for someone. Feel free to pass info along to other SLPs.

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